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At Delta Faucet, we believe there is a better way for healthcare professionals and their patients to work with water.  While a doctor is scrubbing up for an early morning surgery, a nurse is caring for a patient, and a medical researcher is preparing the day’s experiments. Each individual comes in contact with faucets in their own way, yet they share something in common: they cannot risk contamination.

Delta Faucet understands the unique needs of each situation and offers a range of commercial plumbing products designed with the application in mind. From hands-free specialty faucets that promote excellent hygiene to lab faucets and more, we deliver quality products you can count on—day after day.

With decades of experience serving the needs of the healthcare industry, we understand the unique issues of this everchanging market.

  • Technologie mains libres. As a leader in electronic water delivery, we provide hands-free faucets and flush valves that help reduce the potential of cross-contamination.
  • Assured compliance. Products are designed for ADA compliance, in addition to being engineered with strict healthcare compliance codes in mind.
  • Sustainable water delivery. From products with solar technology to programmable run times and shutoffs, our products contribute to the overall efficiency of your facility.
  • Designed for a healthy environment. Delta Faucet’s products are designed to be easier to clean and lessen areas where water can collect. And, special outlet options reduce the potential for contamination to enter the water stream.
  • Quality you can count on. We provide quality products that will perform consistently—day after day, making it easier for you to get things done. So you and your staff can focus on what really matters.
  • Stylish designs. We believe that just because you’re in a clinical environment, doesn’t mean that you have to abandon style. Our products reflect that belief.

We’re committed to exceeding your expectations—helping to create a better experience for patients and healthcare professionals alike.



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En combinant des modèles inspirés et des innovations qui rehaussent les interactions avec l’eau, nos produits aident à créer une expérience que les clients voudront revivre encore et encore.

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