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Deltaᴹᴰ Lelandᴹᴰ Pull-Down Faucet Combines Traditional Style with Modern Technology in the Kitchen

Faucet boasts gracious charm and latest technologies to enhance style and functionality

The Deltaᴹᴰ LelandÒ pull-down kitchen faucet is a traditionally styled faucet that integrates some of the latest innovations in faucet design.  Its curved shape is inspired by the Taj Mahal’s simple forms and beautiful lines, helping the Leland faucet fit perfectly in kitchens that blend old-world design influences with 21st century functionality.

“Forms reminiscent of early 20th century design continue to be strong in many parts of the country,” said Peggy Gallagher, Delta product manager.  “But, people also want the latest technology, and the Leland faucet is the perfect marriage of those two.”

Featuring optional Touch2Oᴹᴰ Technology, the Leland kitchen faucet can be activated with a simple tap anywhere on the faucet spout, hub or handle. When paired with TempSenseTM Technology, an LED light at the base of the faucet changes from blue to magenta to red; visually indicating the temperature of the water to the user.

Additionally, the Leland kitchen faucet ships with an optional escutcheon to offer 3-hole or single-hole installation, allowing homeowners to have a clean, uncluttered look, particularly popular with granite, quartz or other solid surface countertops; MagnaTiteᴹᴰ docking to keep the wand securely in place; and a two-function spray that allows users to easily and ergonomically switch from spray to stream.

The Leland pull-down faucet is offered in Chrome, Brillianceᴹᴰ Stainless and Venetian Bronzeᴹᴰ finishes and offers a coordinating soapdispenser. 

In early 2020, the Leland collection will be available as a pre-assembled feature with Delta VoiceIQᵐᶜ Technology on pull-down faucet models with Touch2O Technology. VoiceIQ Technology adds convenience to the kitchen, allowing users to activate water flow, dispense metered amounts and fill custom containers with a simple voice command when paired with Amazonᴹᴰ Alexaᴹᴰ or Googleᴹᴰ Assistant. 

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